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Business Description

 -- Business Description --

 : : The Textile Exporting Business
 - One of Takayama Trading’s Most Important Businesses

1) From Japan to Abroad

Fibrous materials produced in Japan are among the top in the world - not only in terms of quality but in fashion as well. In particular, polyesters, nylons, and other compound fibers are unsurpassed by those made in other countries. We have been making contributions to the industry by exporting materials for many years to manufacturers and apparel companies overseas that need materials such as these.

We have especially been putting efforts in materials for uniforms in recent years. There is a much greater demand for their quality than there are in materials for general apparel and the state-of-the-art fibers with special features cannot be made anywhere else other than Japan. A variety of materials with features that are antibacterial / deodorizing, ultraviolet-protecting, and sweat-absorbing / quick-drying, to name a few, are exported to uniform companies abroad.

2) From Asia to Abroad

Textile production in Asian countries has grown significantly in recent years. We order mid / low-priced textiles and products such as shirts, and blouses from countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia and export them to Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

 : : The Development / Distribution of Products which Use the Patented Photo-Deodorant Fibers

We develop and distribute products manufactured with multilayered special fibrous materials (patented) that have been developed with our very own technology. The special titanium oxide photo-deodorant threads interwoven into these fibers have 1. quick-drying effects and 2. deodorizing effects. The major qualities of the materials that use these threads are:

1. that they immediately absorb and diffuse moisture and dry the surface in a matter of minutes ? keeping their dryness (quick-drying effects).2. that the special threads absorb unpleasant odors unbelievably well (deodorizing effects).

They can be washed with domestic washing machines, be dried quickly, and the effects won’t wear off even after being washed up to 70 to 80 times.
A newly-developed fiber with many new features that is receiving high appraisal.

Some commercialized products as well as products under development by us which use these materials:
- potty mats for pets
- bet mats for nursing and avoiding bedwetting
- deodorizing shorts for incontinence absorption
- high-performance diapers
- household deodorizing mats (bathroom mats, bath mats, doormats, kitchen mats, etc.)

 : : The Exporting of Used Domestic Tractors / Used Construction Machinery

 : : The Leasing / Managing of Our Properties



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