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How to use

 -- How to Use / Examples of Use --

: : Effective ways to use deodorant sheets that can be cut and washed, and examples of how to use them.

 -- How to Use --

Deodorant sheets that can be cut and washed can be used as toilets for your pet as well as a place for relaxation in the home.
There is a waterproof film on the reverse side of the sheet so moisture doesn’t leak.
Please make sure that the film is on the bottom side.

They can be repeatedly washed after use as they are not disposable.
The quick-drying / deodorant effects continue to last a long time after many washes.
The suggested time for replacement is after 70 to 80 washes, when the material starts to wear out.
As the deodorizing effects still last even when the material wears out through repeated washing, they can continue to be used in different parts of the room.

They can be used not only on the floor, but on just about any surface such as car seats and sofas.
Please note that the sheets should be placed on surfaces that are as flat as possible when absorbing moisture.
The sheets may take several seconds to absorb moisture when there are excessive amounts.

 -- How to Wash --

1. With Washing Machines

Please used detergents when washing with a washing machine.
The sheets can withstand up to 150 degrees Celsius with the film on the reverse side.
Hot water or drying machines can be used if they are under 150 degrees Celsius.

Please do not use detergents that contain bleaches or discoloring agents.
Please do not iron the sheets as this may melt the film on the reverse side.

2. Washing by Hand

The sheets can be washed with warm water.
Washing with detergents, soap, or shampoo are all fine.

- Note -
Please do not wash with anything that contains moisturizers or oils. The absorbing effects of the sheets wear off the moment the surface comes in contact with oil.
In case the absorbing effects of the surface should wear off due to contact with oil, please wash it off with a commercial makeup remover, shampoo, dishwashing soap, or any other product that can remove oil.
The absorbing effects of the surface return when oil is removed.

 -- Disposal --

They can be disposed of as general waste as most of the material is polyester.
Please dispose of them according to the rules set forth by your local autonomous body.
This product doesn’t emit dioxin when incinerated as it doesn’t contain absorbing polymers.
What matters the most to us is eco-friendliness!

  : : Examples of Use  Click to enlarge pictures.

As a beds because they are soft and pleasant to the touch.

No need to worry about stains when placed on a sofa.

As a place for relaxation instead of as a toilet.

They are very soft and warm.

They provide relaxation with their soft texture.

Long driving trips are worry-free.

No more fur on backrests.


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